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TheAirHockeyGuy's blog
VIII. Miscellaneous
2/5/2012 10:06:22 AM
After a couple of months, we've finally reached the end of the USAA Constitution. This section covers a few random areas so I will go through them one by one.

A. "Voting Members" - as I have stated in earlier entries, I believe that the current classification regarding those eligible to vote needs to be changed. I feel that one of two things needs to happen. Either we allow the players to vote on who they want representing them on the board, or we open the voting up to everyone. Currently, members of the board are allowed to vote based on their own personal beliefs. Regardless of what the players want, decisions lay solely in the hands of those able to vote on the board.
B. No Issues
C. Attendance credit for board meetings- I think that most of these guidelines are okay, however I do believe that more opportunities for attendance need to be available via remote channels. Regardless of how someone attends, whether it be via conference call or video conferencing, they should be given credit for attending.
D. No Issues
E. No Issues
F. Meetings- I do not think that official meetings should be restricted to just in-person meetings during a sanctioned national/international tournament. Meetings should be held at least quarterly either through the forums, video conferences, etc.
G. No Issues

In my next entry, I will go over some ideas not specifically covered in my entries on the constitution.

If anyone has a specific topic they would like me to address, you can PM me on the forums or email me at theairhockeyguy@aol.com.

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